The Epic Dating Fail

Well, seeing as everyone around me, including some of my dear readers, keeps telling me to give up on MR BIG BLUE move on with my life I decided to try and what a mistake that was…

I met the Yogic Banker online and we got chatting about a week ago. He seemed nice enough and we had a few things in common like yoga and traveling. So we decided to meet for dinner after work yesterday…that is where the problems started.

So after putting on some make up, a pair of heels and trying to look somewhat decent I headed out to my car (well, MR BIG BLUE’s car – remember he loaned it to me?). When I got in I realized it wouldn’t start as I had forgotten switch the lights off in the morning and the battery was completely dead (totally dumb ass move on Cinder’s part). Eeeeek !

Time for panic stations! I don’t exactly work it the busiest part of town so finding help wasn’t easy, especially on a Friday night when everyone leaves the office a little earlier. Luckily, I found a nice guy and a couple of cops who were willing to wait with me till I could get back on the road. It was clear that I was going to be late for the date so I messaged the Yogic Banker and let him know I would be late or maybe not even make it depending on the situation. He asked me where I was and said he would come a find me.

Stupid Cinders…Damsel in Distress after leaving her car lights on all day 😉

When he arrived I didn’t even get a chance to give him the once over as I was so frantic about getting the car started. I was very frazzled and one of the cops began asking where certain things were in the car I replied I wasn’t so sure because the car wasn’t mine but belonged to my boyfriend. (Eeek! The Yogic Banker was standing right there!!) I quickly fumbled to correct myself and say I meant my ex-boyfriend but then the cop commented that it didn’t really matter because the ex-boyfriend must still love you if he gave you this car (blush!). It was way too late now the damage was done.

Eventually we got jumper cables and got the car started. I apologized to the Yogic Banker for the delay and asked what he wanted to do. He said we still go and have dinner. So we both set off…I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t tempted to detour and flake on what would be a pretty awkward date, but my decent side got the better of me.

Finally, once we sat down and got some beers I had the chance to assess The Yogic Banker. Hmm…looks wise he wasn’t someone I really found attractive. He wasn’t very tall and his hair was kinda greasy. Still, I remembered back to when I first met MR BIG BLUE on that fateful day 5 and half years ago and I remember how at that time I hadn’t thought he wasn’t my type either (but how wrong was I). So I thought what the hell, let me give The Yogic Banker a chance.

He was a nice, friendly guy who worked in asset management. He told me how he got retrenched a few years ago and use the severance package and the time on his hands to do a yoga teachers training course in India (what’s up with these guys and India, hey??). Anyway, he couldn’t really hold my attention during the conversation as he kept going off on a tangent about Swami So and So. And after being so exposed to the Hare Krishna movement I didn’t appreciate having the basics of Vedic Culture explained to me on the date. He hardly asked me about myself but I did manage to tell him what I do for a living and where I would be hopefully moving too at the end of the month.

Cinders on her date with the Yogic Banker

I was getting bored and I was eager to get out of the restaurant. He kept wanting to talk but luckily I was saved by the bell as my friend Tatyana called me and asked me to come join her and another buddy of ours Dr Sparkle for a drink. So that gave me an out. I told him I had a fun time (I mean it’s only polite right?) but that I needed to scoot off. He said he had already had to had a long day so was have an early night. So he got the bill (nice that he was a bit old school) and he walked me to the car to make sure it would get started (that was super sweet). It did. I made a quick getaway and went to join Tatyana and Dr Sparkle for champagne at a fancy hotel. They helped redeem the evening so it wasn’t a complete waste of a Friday night (yes, I know I sound like a horrible person).

Thank goodness for great friends who rescue Cinders from bad dates and then drink inappropriate amounts of Champagne 🙂

The Yogic Banker messaged me to say he had a really good time and liked me. I politely replied I had fun too. He now wants to meet for coffee tomorrow.

So there goes. I tried dating. It failed. Now over to you my lovely dating gurus…

Do you think it is too soon for me to start dating again? Was the whole car/cop fiasco a sign from the universe telling me not to date? Do you think I was too harsh on The Yogic Banker? Do you think I should give him a chance and meet for coffee, just because he is a decent enough person and maybe good for the Friends Zone? Do you think I should keep trying?

Answers on a postcard please.

Till we meet again my angels,

LOVE Cinders x o x o

24 thoughts on “The Epic Dating Fail

      • One don’t believe that you will never find someone like Mr big blue…because you will find someone who will be just fir you. Two be careful who you attract not evert guy just like not every one has good intentions and three not meet someone at their house or at your house meet in a public place if possible in the day time when alot of people are atound.


      • I certainly hope there is something how more special than MR BIG BLUE out there for me. I remember we just clicked when we first met, everything was so simple, no awkward conversations, no boring moments. I know I am just being nostalgic about the honeymoon phase but it really was easy compared to hard formal dating seems…I haven’t had much dating experience, I am just speaking from what I’ve heard my friends through.

        As for bad guys, I am very clear on what I want. I need something very decent, I just want to talk to guys and see if there is any common ground…not really looking for a seedy rebound fling. I NEVER plan on ever going to anyone’s house or ever inviting them to mine…at the moment its all public places where I feel comfortable and where I can make a quick escape if needs be (didn’t u see how I had my friends waiting in the wings to save me..)

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  1. Definitely go out there again! Dating should be fun!

    And I agree, who knows you can make new friends but you need to make it clear to him that you are not interested in him in that kind of way.


      • OK I will do. You give me hope 🙂 But I do worry and how hard formal dating is. Its not something I’ve ever done before. Everything previously has been chance encounters, magic chemistry, etc, etc. I find it hard to get excited about internet dates 😦 But I dunno how else to try.


  2. Ok….So I went for coffee. He is decent enough. Nice chat. I had to rush off. But hope he realises its Friends Zone.


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