Valentines Day without MR BIG BLUE

So I conquered my first b’day post-MR BIG BLUE last week thanks to a bunch of good friends who kept my spirits high and partied with me. This was followed by a little high school drama which was a bit of an unnecessary distraction. And now BOOM the dreaded V-day is upon us. And how do I feel about it?

Well….I don’t really know to be honest. MR BIG BLUE and I never really did much for it anyway. We always made it our thing to boycott that nonsense, because we didn’t want a cookie cutter, Hallmark-kinda relationship. Our first Valentines Day, we attempted to find a restaurant but they all had ridiculously expensive Valentine’s Day menus so we ended up eating take-out at home and watching movies. One year, MR BIG BLUE tricked me. I thought I’d successfully managed to avoid the day but when I got home he told me that I needed to run upstairs and see what my feathered friend had done to one of my favourite dresses. When I opened the bedroom door, he decked out the whole room and got me the BIGGEST, most tacky Valentines card ever. We had a good laugh. But I’m not here to reminisce about happy times with MR BIG BLUE now am I ?

Boycotting Valentine’s Day – Mine and MR BIG BLUE’s thing 😉

Onward and Upwards that’s what I say. So the plan tomorrow includes finding my inner calm at a 90 minute yoga class, getting involved in a feeding scheme for homeless children to remind myself how much I have to be thankful for in my life and that I need to stop wallowing in self pity, champagne tasting with Dr Sparkle and Tatyana (shhhh…nobody tell Crazy Cat Lady) and possibly a date with the Yogic Banker (I have no other option guys.) The alternative is sitting in with CCL and the kitties and get absorbed into the last 2 parts of the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy followed by a bonfire where I burn all my pictures of MR BIG BLUE…Which would you choose?!!!

Oh and MR BIG BLUE…Here is a Valentine’s song for you sweet. In the words of Taylor Swift…

Now over to you my Valentine’s cherubs…

Tell me what you think about Valentine’s Day – Overrated or just another sweet occasion to celebrate LOVE? Do I sound like I am getting cynical and moving away from hopelessly romantic ways? What do you think of my Valentine’s Day plans? A positive move away from MR BIG BLUE? Have you guys got any good tips on how to survive your first V-Day as a singleton? Tell me about your plans (if you are doing something nice, I promise to be happy for you)? What have been your best and worst Valentine’s Day experiences? Come along girls and guys…Remember sharing is caring :).

Lots of LOVE

Cinders x o x o


13 thoughts on “Valentines Day without MR BIG BLUE

    • Yeah…Hopefully, tomorrow will be the best Valentines day ever. Spent with good friends and doing things that will lift my spirit 🙂 I’m excited for it. They less time I spend thinking about MR BIG BLUE the easier it will be to get through the day.

      I also try not to get caught up in the whole hype of these holiday celebrations…but its hard sometimes. LOL.


  1. For some Valentine’s day is overrated for others it’s special. But if you treat the love in your life the same as you would on Valentines Day then everyday will be special. Are you cynical because of not being with Mr Big Blue or cyncial before Mr BB.? Are you cynical because your belief system isn’t cool with Vday? I happen to think it is just another day if you treat your love of your life special everyday.


    • Hmmm….I wasn’t very popular with the guys growing up so I always just wanted Valentine’s day to be over. It became more of thing (to boycott and kinda celebrate) when MR BIG BLUE was about. But I think its sort of stupid anyway….I’d like to have romance all the time…not just on the 14th of Feb 😛


      • That’s the same way it should be when it comes to Christmas, thanksgiving and anniversaries. If we do those things be kind show love be romantic give wonderful gifts all year and give thanks then it would be genuine.


      • Also I love giving and getting gifts for no reason…just because you love someone, you don’t always need an occasion.


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