Is it written in the stars or just Hocus Pocus?

Spending time with the Hare Krishna’s got me thinking a bit about Vedic astrology. I’ve never been one for star signs, tarot cards, crystal balls and the like. I’ve always believed that I am the master of my own destiny and I have the power to shape my future any which way I wanted to. Still, there was a part of me that was curious as to whether my future could be pre-destined or maybe that I could be warned of something so I could prepare myself (maybe some mystic fortune teller could have told me how badly MR BIG BLUE would break my heart).

In my conversations with the Other Women she said she had got a compatibility chart done for her and MR BIG BLUE (before they were due to run away and get married – LOL (sorry I just do have to laugh every time I say that out load). She said when she initially sent her details (place, date and time of birth) the astrologer responded to her with a positive reading saying that MR BIG BLUE would help her through a tough phase in her life and then she would do the same for him. But then she realised she’d got his date of birth all wrong (great girlfriend she was, right? Cinders never forget MR BIG BLUE’s birthday) and when she asked for the reading to be done again with the correct date of birth the astrologer responded with a single line. RUN. RUN FOR THE HILLS. (Quite dramatic, I know).

run for the hills
The Astrologer’s Advice to the Other Women

So this got me thinking what would a astrological chart look like between MR BIG BLUE and I. I decided not to go with the astrologer recommended by the Hare Krishnas but use the services of a fellow blogger – Rima Desai, whose blog I had been following for some time. As a sceptic I wasn’t going to take everything that was said gospel and I made that clear to Rima. I wanted to test her a little bit so I asked her to start by telling me a bit about my past (and that of MR BIG BLUE) that way I could get an idea of how much of the astrological reading about my future and compatibility with MR BIG BLUE could be accurate.

Before I go into Rima’s response I should say that in order to do an astrological reading correctly, the astrologer needs to know a person’s time, date and place of birth correctly. In the case of both MR BIG BLUE and I we both did not have an accurate time of birth – I could give Rima a rough estimate of my time but all I could get with regards to MR BIG BLUE was that he was born in the morning.  MR BIG BLUE was adopted (and has big mummy issues because of it but that’s all to be discussed in another post). But what I do want to note right here is that this was one big loophole in the Other Women’s story…she said she had the reading done, but how exactly would the astrologer have done the reading withour MR BIG BLUEs time of birth ?! Go figure!

Can the future really be predicted?

In reference to me though, this lack of information sadly limited how much detail Rima could provide within the reading. However with regards to my character and past Rima responded by saying.

You could have had a very strict or depressing upbringing …parents could have been very tough on you, overly strict or absent (one or both).This gives you a tendency to be depressed often, feel very low, negative, burdened, or cold. This however, also makes you a very determined personality – if you want something, you want it so bad, and you will get it no matter what.

My reaction to her comments:

I wouldn’t say my parents were very strict or my upbringing was depressing. However, both my parents worked really long hours and at weekends. But when we did spend time together it was good quality time. There was a time in my life when my Mother and I really didn’t get on. We’d fight a lot and argue over the slightest thing. She used to sort of bully me about me weight and compare me to others. But things are different now we have dealt with these issues. I am an only child so I guess I could get lonely at times too. 

I do get sad quite often because I always compare myself to others. I keep myself to myself – so maybe sometimes I come across as cold.  I am definitely determined and headstrong – I run marathons 😉 I made a long distance relationship work against all odds…so I guess you can say I get what I want.


I’ve decided I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to overwhelm you with the whole reading just yet. So now I open the floor to you my dearest little angels 🙂

Do you believe in astrology? Do you believe that our paths are already mapped out for us? Or are we truly the Masters of our own destinies? Do you think horoscopes/astrological readings have the potential to be accurate or do they work only when we force ourselves to read them in a certain way? What do you think of the information Rima provided thus far? Do you think I am opening a can of worms by getting astrological readings done for MR BIG BLUE and I? Have you ever had any readings done for yourself or your relationship with someone else? Were the outcomes positive or accurate? Please share your experiences. 

And always till the next update stay AWESOME my hummingbird cupcakes 🙂

Lots and Lots of LOVE

(Starry eyed) Cinders x o x o

P.S. If you keen to find our more about astrology or get a reading done yourself visit Rima’s website – Rima Desai’s : Scuba Diving into the Mind’s Pool


10 thoughts on “Is it written in the stars or just Hocus Pocus?

  1. Thank You for the mention dear!

    Yes, it is very important to have the exact birth time to get an accurate and detailed reading. Given the birth time is somewhere near accurate, expect the reading also to be just somewhere near accurate or maybe even far from it.

    The reason is that the planets move every few MINUTES in divisional charts – these are the limbs or branches of the main birth chart and very important for giving a prediction. Hence, saying that I was born close to e.g. 10am doesn’t work. Also, many parents don’t remember the exact minutes so they round it up to a O clock or O 30 minutes… which again creates loopholes.

    I can write an entire article on this but for if any of you have questions, feel free to email me from my blog:


  2. I have always believed in fate, to a degree. We all have a set time here, but how we use it, is up to us. I feel the same about astrology. I believe in the concept, and I have even had readings done at points in my life. They have helped guide me….but I would never make a life changing decision based on what I may have heard. There are too many variables, as Rima stated. In my experiences, it is not where I found answers. What if you were told to stay away from MBB? Are you just searching for the answer in hoping it is good….to give you hope?

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    • You raise a really good point.

      When the Other Women was told to run for the hills. She kinda did. But then she came back with her own mission…to clear her name, and kinda bring down MBB.

      I think you are right to an extent. I am looking for hope. I doubt I would run for the hills if I was told you. A) Because I would let my feelings guide me…and at the moment, they are not telling me to run. and B) Practical reasons, I can’t run away from this place…I live here and have built a life here beyond MBB and I want to stay for more than just him. He can have the HK temple, but he can’t take away my whole life. Even if I cut him off, its a small place and I am sure I would bump into him at some point.

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  3. I also believe in these things to a Certain extent.. I’ve done some readings too when I went to hong kong. Also did one when I was a lot younger, at a fun fair haha.

    I believe that Certain things are mapped out, but how we get there, is up to us.

    I would never make life changing decisions due to what these ‘fortune tellers’ tell me. I don’t really take then too serious either, but it is so interesting to hear things about my (future) life


    • Yeah I guess this is similar to how I feel. I am curious and interested in these predictions but I wouldn’t really take anything that they say as gospel and make a life decision based on it 🙂


  4. I think someone made the point quite well …What if you were told to stay away from MBB? Are you just searching for the answer in hoping it is good….to give you hope?
    There is a certain level of curiousity when it comes to the unknown especially when we are at a major decision point in our lives, so at that point I can see why someone could see a fortune teller. But I have not had the experience of having my fortune told to me.


    • Hey Stranger 🙂 Hope you are well.

      I think the point Jackie made was very valid. I am just looking for a hope to some extent. But then again its also curiosity.

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  5. Astrology is great for knowing the purpose of your soul’s presence in this birth. There is a reason why our soul’s are born where we are but many of us just waste our lives in an accounting job for years for e.g. and by age 70years we regret or feel a hollow. If the chart emphasized a career in arts or service to humanity for this person, then the soul did not reach its purpose. This means the soul will have to be re-born, until the time that it realizes its goal and finished unfinished business.

    Hence, great for career. Great for getting a guidance on when to get married, which field of study to choose early on in life, when to have children to make it easier, etc.

    Remember that astrology doesn’t change anything or solve problems but it creates Awareness within a person and this awareness can do miracles in changing one’s life course, one’s satisfaction in life and help in putting efforts in the right direction.
    Hope this makes sense.

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    • Thanks for your comment Rima. I agree with what you are saying about career to some extent. I guess we have a lot of freedom these days to choose our careers but then when faced with so many choices we can’t quite decide which may mean we try to many things or go for the wrong option. If we are made aware of something at least we can plan around it to some extent.


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