The First ‘Post-MR BIG BLUE’ Kiss

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow! That’s all I have to say this morning.

Well as you probably guessed from the title of my post, my first date with the Poison Dwarf (it really is an unfair name because he wasn’t really short…just not as tall as the guys I usually go for) went well. Actually let’s call him J-SWIPE from this point onwards, because Poison Dwarf is so not appropriate.

We met for drinks after work. I liked him as soon as we met because he just took charge of the situation, ordered is wine and snacks. He let me choose where we sat. I chose somewhere not to hidden away…I didn’t know what his vibe was. We got chatting…work, politics, serious stuff to start with. It was interesting and the conversation flowed really well. We moved on he asked me about my previous relationships, so yes MR BIG BLUE did make a minor appearance on my first pre-MR BIG BLUE date. But actually it was good, for the first time ever I was able to tell the story as it was – warts and all. I didn’t sugar coat things. I told J-SWIPE that MR BIG BLUE got too carried away with the Hare Krishna movement and he cheated on me. OK, so maybe it was a good thing. I know he is a total random but it felt good to briefly be able to tell the truth to someone. He also told me about his previous Tinder dates, which was interesting.

The bar started to clear out as most people were there for a show that was going on upstairs. Whenever other people started walking into our little section of the bar I spotted J-SWIPE giving them the evil eye. I think he wanted to get me all to himself. Then this magician guy came along and treated us to a little show which was pretty good. So he had both of us trying to be clever and figure out the secret to his tricks. A really quirky first date experience.

A Magical First Date experience?

I think J-SWIPE was itching for the magician to bugger off so we could get our flirt on. And then as soon as he was out the picture, the conversation took a turn towards the slightly more flirtatious side. We’d been bantering on WhatsApp about the controversial 50 Shades of Grey and he asked to check it out on my kindle and from there things got a little more interesting. I saw him reach for the dimmer switch behindOne thing led to another and somehow we ended kissing across the table. It was weird because I was thinking so much about the fact that I hadn’t kissed anyone apart from MR BIG BLUE for over half a decade and there I was just like that. And there were butterflies and sparkles and all that wonderful stuff. Then there were more kisses. Him paying the bill as quickly as possible and then suggesting we drive to the beach.

We ended up driving in separate cars which was really strange because he followed me and I spent the whole time thinking he would get bored of the long drive and ditch me (seems I have no faith in men – thank you MR BIG BLUE ! Jerk!). But J-SWIPE didn’t lose me in traffic. We got to the beach. Kissed a little more. Listened to the sound of the waves. It was pretty nice.

Eeek…I did it! First Post-MR BIG BLUE kiss 🙂

I let him come back to my place for a glass of wine…except I had no wine so we drank Vodka instead. Chatted some more. I was a good girl though and didn’t let things get any further than necessary. He went back home late…I wouldn’t have complained if he’d stayed a little longer for cuddles.  Oh well, next time, if there is even a next time.

I spent much of the night stressing that he would not bother message me ever again…but he did. All is good…we now just keep our fingers crossed for a second date.

OK…So tell me your thoughts? Are you pleased to see me getting out there? Was it wrong that I spoke about MR BIG BLUE or is good sign to show I have finally accepted what happened? It’s a bit of a long time since I dated…was it too much that I let him come back to mine (although he didn’t stay over)? Should I hold back a bit? And put your bets on…do you think I will get asked on a second date?

Lots of Love

A ever-so-slightly smitten Cinders x o x o


32 thoughts on “The First ‘Post-MR BIG BLUE’ Kiss

  1. …I don’t intend to rain on your parade but you are making Tyson Gay look like a crippled snail here…New friendships are a marathon and not a sprint….You are pulling a Speed Racer instead of going at it sedately, soft pedaling like you were on bike….The Prince knew about the size of Cinderella’s slipper before he kissed her……kissing this much on a first date should trigger some warning bells…

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    • Well…thanks for pulling me into line. Look I doubt this will ever be a long term thing…he is considerably older than me and in a different place in his life really. However, going out with someone like me and having at least some level on intelligent conversation (ignore the bit about Mr Grey) made me remember that I do have half a brain and I shouldn’t have sold myself short by settling for Mr Big Blue…it reminded that I’m a semi-clever girl and I need a prince that matches me on an intellectual level as well.

      Yeah, maybe the kissing was a bit much but hey…i haven’t had much interest in my life recently so can you blame me. I didn’t let it go to far and we were still chatting this morning which means he isn’t all bad, right?


  2. I am glad you had a good time. You needed this. Yeah, maybe slow down a bit…..but I understand. You needed to feel that there were others could could light a spark other than MBB. Now that you got that out of the way……backtrack a bit and see if there is anything else there :).

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    • Totally 100% in agreement with you. I think I got ahead of myself because I couldn’t quite believe that I could have a spark with someone else. It is most likely something superficial. And maybe I messed up but its OK…its something I needed.

      Let me back track and see what happens 🙂

      Thanks for understanding and being on my side 🙂 x

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  3. Glad you had a good time, I think also think you moved a little too fast with the kissing. It sends the wrong signal. Plus you don’t know the guy. Red Flag…He shouldn’t go back to your place on the first date and Red Flag number 2 the beach is a little too isolated for a first date. Anything could have happened in both place and Cinder would have been in trouble. I know it’s been a while since you felt a spark but be careful. He may seem like a nice guy but you don’t know that just yet. Use more caution.

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    • OK OK OK…I get it. I let things get ahead of me I know…but after all the drama I dealt with MBB I really did need this. To be a little bit wild and care-free and young again. It felt good, even for one night to feel a little bit pretty, no tears, and just to smile a bit more.

      I promise I will be more cautious in the future.

      I don’t even know yet whether he liked me enough to give me a second date. Either way I will be ok with it…I had a fun time. Just what I needed 🙂

      I’ll be more careful as I enter the world of dating…its a strange place.



      • I think we all want you to be you and to be able to have fun but always …be careful when you meet a stranger, you were so relieved to be away from MBB that you let your guard down in other ways with a total stranger. Not every person you date has good intentions or is in the right frame of mind. If he ask you out on a second date keep it public all the way this time. It will test how much interest he has in you or if he is just trying to bed you.


      • OK…IF I get a second date let me go with that advice. Still seems as if its a pretty big IF right now 😦


      • I’ll keep my fingers crossed but maybe you are right … he saw how eager I was. We did chat yesterday on Whatsapp and had a bit more banter but then he went kinda quiet…so I am getting mixed vibes. I’d like a second date because the conversation was good if nothing else. Oh well heres hoping 🙂


      • Some men if they get a kiss on the first date are very anxious for a second date, then you have to wonder is it that they like you or like the kissing? No harm in finding out just keep it public this time.

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  4. […] The Bad Boy (well considering his age it’s more of The Bad Man) is kinda/sorta MIA. Well, its his religious holiday so he is busy praying and telling stories (or whatever it is religious people do on such holy occasions). What is it with me and religious men, hey? These bad boys that seem to want to be all good in the eyes of God. I think I may have offended him at some point with my slightly un-PC comments about God. Anyway, I’ve backed down and limited my conversations with him until he gets a bit more serious and tell me what he wants from me. Clearly, we both know we are incompatible on a serious level, but I can tell he still enjoys the banter and finds me attractive to some extent, because why would he messaging me then? Either way it works. I know it’s nothing serious. […]


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