Its a Small ‘Dating’ World after all – A ‘Funny’ Anecdote

Here is a little story that is going to blow you mind. Well, it blew mine.

So let’s rewind to Thursday night. I met up with Dr Sparkle and Tatyana to do a debrief on my date with JSWIPE 😉 Don’t judge us…it’s what we do. (Maybe I should tell you that JSWIPE also saw our group messages where I had Tatyana asking me whether he was a good kisser and Dr Sparkle shouting at me not to kiss a midget…But he was a good sport about it all, messaging them back and telling them that all objectives had been achieved and they needed to find themselves dates instead of being voyeurs…see why I like him!!).

Anyway, there I was busy giving them all the gory details and telling them how JSWIPE and I had talked about everything from politics and race to bad Tinder dates and Fifty Shades of Grey. When I mentioned Tinder dates both Tatyana and Dr Sparkle started to giggle. I didn’t really know why they got the giggles but I just carried on with my swoonery over JSWIPE.

Maybe we should have all gone on a double date instead?

When I finished my story…Dr Sparkle said he had something to share and Tatyana said she was glad I was sitting down to hear this story. OK, a bit strange but I was all ears. Apparently Dr Sparkle had had his own Tinder date while I was out with JSWIPE (little did I know, he never shares his stories with us). He said it had gone pretty well and that they had also shared a little kiss which could have potentially progressed to more except he put the brakes on (yeah, yeah, Dr Sparkle you are such a special guy). Anyway, they too had discussed past Tinder dates and she had mentioned a very clever guy that she’d been on a date with, but the date had ended terribly with them having an argument.

Dr Sparkle being the clever guy that he is (almost academically on par with JSWIPE) put two and two together and asked his date if her date was JSWIPE. And…. It was!!! What the hell??? What are the chances that Dr Sparkle (a guy I’ve been crushing on) and I go on separate dates with new people who happen to have previously dated each other. I was a little ewww’d out to be honest and a little bit upset that Dr Sparkle hadn’t told us about his date on the pre-brief!

It seems that this dating world is a pretty small place. Its not like we even live in a small town. OK, we don’t live in a huge metropolis like London, New York or Paris but it is a city nonetheless. What are the chances?! OK, so there you have it…my mind blowing small world story. Its pretty damn weird if you ask me.

Now your turn…have you ever had any similar small world moments whilst dating? Do you think its weird that DR Sparkle figured this whole thing out? Do you think the story is even real (although JSWIPE also confirmed he had one date which ended in an argument)? Could Dr Sparkle be playing some game with me (because he really wasn’t keen on me going out with SWIPE in the first place and has told me to totally stop talking to him now…for what reason I don’t really know)? Oh,and does this story show that JSWIPE is a serial dater? Does it really matter anyway? Also, do you think this little anecdote says anything about Dr Sparkle and I having certain types which crossover?

Give me your thoughts.

Lots of Love

Cinders x o x o

P.S If anyone gets what is especially special (super special) about this post I will give you a PRIZE.


12 thoughts on “Its a Small ‘Dating’ World after all – A ‘Funny’ Anecdote

  1. I do not think this makes him a serial dater. He’s dated others…that is what tinder is all about. Yes, Dr. Sparkle is showing interest above friends in some ways…he is talking about you on other dates 🙂 Yes, dating can be a small world. When I was younger I was a bartender. Working in that field….the dating pool becomes kinda small and we all dated around. I actually dated two of my husband’s friends before we got together and he went out with my roommate. Using a dating service like you are, you will find crossover because your pool is pretty much limited to people who use tinder and live close to where you live.

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    • OK…So its not a story worth falling off my chair for then 🙂 I’ll tell that to Tatyana. Lol !!!

      As for Dr Sparkle’s interest…even though I am not ready for something real right now…it feels nice toknow he might be interested.

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  2. What is special about this post is you have not mentioned you know who 😉

    I agree with jackijons. I don’t think he is a dater.. So what if he is? He is single, he can do whatever! It’s fine.

    Indeed… I think you are on dr sparkle’s mind.. I mean he did talk about you during his date. Unless you want to pursue anything, don’t overanalyze too much what he does and doesnt do.. Will only drive you crazy 🙂

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    • Yay Moondai you are so clever !!! I think its the first time ever??

      I also agree with y’all … being part of the dating game doesn’t make him a bad person.

      I do like Dr Sparkle but I’m just not ready for anything that could potentially be meaningful right this second. I am not willing to risk the friendship I have with Dr Sparkle until I am in a better state. Does that make sense to you?


  3. I agree with everyone else that he isn’t a serial dater and if he was …so what? How else you are going to get to know people? I was talking to a lady once who was upset because I was talking to other women and we had not even met yet. That was a little bit much. Needless to say we stopped talking. By the yes you did not mention you know who …great!!! Not worth anymore ink on that. As for you friendship with Dr. Sparkle…just remember that what you value as friendship someone may not feel that same way. You may not be willing to ruin your friendship but he might not feel as strongly about the friendship as you.


    • Yup you are right. JSWIPE is a free agent and he didn’t pretend to be anything else…so Dr Sparkle needs to just shut it.

      I actually wasn’t upset about him dating around, it was more that I was just a little eww’d out about the connection – ME – JSWIPE – Angry Lady – Dr Sparkle. But thats just me being a little childish.

      I got to the end of the post and was like WOW. No mention of IT !!! I must be making some progress in getting him out of my system right?

      With regards to the Dr Sparkle, I am not too worried. I know I am attracted to him but not just on a physical level…on a level that I’m comfortable around him and I enjoy hanging out with him. There are signs that he could be interested me. But no moves have been made. I value our friendship enough not to pursue anything right now, and he hasn’t really shown any signs that he is willing to risk things…so it seems we are both treading carefully. I’ll keep my eye on the situation but I don’t expect anything major to happen soon.


  4. Ok..I am not going to let you totally off the hook about not mentioning MBB. You still referred to him indirectly by commenting that you hadn’t 🙂 lol


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