The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly – The Men in Cinders’ World

I am feeling a bit disillusioned with men in general right now. I’ve tried this whole dating thing. Most of the time I find it a complete waste of time. Most of my dates have been totally dull and the only one I had chemistry with is sorting of playing hard to get and is a bit of a bad boy. I still have the cloud of MR BIG BLUE hanging over me. So break it down and take things piece by piece (or man by man).

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
There is no GOOD in my Story 😦


Drama. Drama. Drama. Gosh where do I start?

So last week MR BIG BLUE and I were messaging each other. His usual stuff about how he is having a hard time and he is not sure he made the right decision. We chatted about our past and got a bit nostalgic. He said no one would ever understand what we had and that we would never really get over each other (his words not mine). I have to admit the biatch me enjoyed the conversation. It was good to see that there is trouble in paradise. It felt like I could tell the Divorcee : ‘See you home-wrecking slut, your money only got you so far, you’ll never have the same stories, adventures and fun that MR BIG BLUE and I had because you are a bitter, twisted and messed up individual’. But the good part of me, also felt sad. Sad for MR BIG BLUE. He clearly made a rash decision. He followed the dollar signs and it got him nowhere fast (well maybe just a free trip to India) but like they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. It seems that the Divorcee controls the purse strings and that means she controls MR BIG BLUE…She has basically forced him to isolate himself from his family, friends and the temple. And now she has put a ban of him talking to me…

Basically, she found the messages we’d been sending each other and she went mad. Boo hoo. Now she gets a taste of her own medicine. She can see that MR BIG BLUE and I had/have a connection that no amount of money can buy. She can buy him a new Samsung phone, a motorbike to kill himself on (like she did for her ex/not yet ex-husband) and basically everything his heart desires but she’ll never be able to buy him a replacement for the real-life feathered friend I got him, and even if she did it would never be the same. You are just not a Princess like ME, chick !

But before you ask? No. I don’t want him back. Not now or not ever.

The Bad – JSWIPE

The Bad Boy (well considering his age it’s more of The Bad Man) is kinda/sorta MIA. Well, its his religious holiday so he is busy praying and telling stories (or whatever it is religious people do on such holy occasions). What is it with me and religious men, hey? These bad boys that seem to want to be all good in the eyes of God. I think I may have offended him at some point with my slightly un-PC comments about God. Anyway, I’ve backed down and limited my conversations with him until he gets a bit more serious and tell me what he wants from me. Clearly, we both know we are incompatible on a serious level, but I can tell he still enjoys the banter and finds me attractive to some extent, because why would he messaging me then? Either way it works. I know it’s nothing serious.

The Ugly (or should I say unattractive) – The Rest

But I have to admit, thanks to JSWIPE, dating just became a whole lot tougher.

When my friends find a guy they sort of like, they delete themselves off Tinder and focus solely on him. I don’t feel I need/want to do this with JSWIPE. He really hasn’t made enough effort to become my main focus. So I’ll keep playing the field. But this is easier said than done As I keep going out with a few guys but I just can’t enjoy myself or find them attractive. There is no chemistry because the fact is I just keep comparing them to the chemistry I had on the first date with JSWIPE.

I’ve totally friend-zoned the Handy Man and we hang out quite a lot but just a friends. He knows his place now so its all good.

Dr Sparkle is a douche. He found a ‘girlfriend’. He literally spends 24/7 with her and has completely ditched me and Tatyana. It’s not healthy. He looks really rough for it – I beginning to question why I ever really crushed on him. He is a useless friend and quite a useless person in general.

So that’s my love life update for now folks. I will try to be a little more pro-active and find that hopeless romantic girl inside me again…but maybe she has gone for good. Give me some motivation and tips. Purleeeeease.

Till I find my mojo again,

LOVE Cinders x o x o


11 thoughts on “The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly – The Men in Cinders’ World

  1. I guess I have a lot of questions more to make you think, than to motivate you …but the first thing I want to say is …keep your head up. Don’t hate on all men. You are running through all the worng ones right now to clear the way for the right one for you.

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  2. My questions start with the elephant in the room …MBB why why oh why do you insist on having anything to do with him? Don’t you think you’re further dealings with him is more of the reason you are souring on men? Anyone who minimizes your relationship with them and ask you to lie about it to others is no longer worthy for your thoughts feelings and your time so why do you give it to him any way? Do you ever think it is possible that you feel strongly about a relationship and the other person doesn’t? You keep saying you have good chemistry with Jswipe but yet he keeps his distance with you until conviently it just happens to be right for him? The questions you can take in the form of tips and advice. None of the men you mention are not for you…plain and simple Take this time to regroup with a fresh point of view not about men but what type of men you have been attracted to to this point and ask yourself why? There is a pattern that has been there for a while. Once you break the pattern then your true love will have a clear path to your life.


    • MBB – I dunno. Guess its history. But somehow the universe is pulling us further and further apart. I get it. Its for the best.

      JSWIPE – When I am with him I feel good about myself and maybe after all the shit I have been through that is fine.

      My pattern…I’m a sweet girl always attracting a bad guy. The good guys are either boring or friend-zoned. End of.

      Let me go back to the drawing board.


  3. Why are you in such a hurry to find someone? Just relax and breathe! A relationship should be the last thing you want right now. You are looking to find someone else to get you over MBB, but it really doesn’t work that way. And….you certainly will not find someone else while you are still so invested in him. Your heart is not in this dating thing right now, so don’t do it. Go out with your friends, spend some time alone in your new house, get your bearings. Don’t be in such a hurry. Sometimes it’s best to just go along with what happens and not try to push things. Just a note…your life will not move ahead as long as you are still so involved in MBB;s life. It really won’t….trust me on that.

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    • I don’t think I am in a hurry to find ‘the one’ or my next long term relationship. But I am looking for some male attention. If nothing else, its a good ego boost. That is kinda what I wanted from JSWIPE. I wanted a rebound guy/fling. I am not idealistic like I once was. I realise that these less serious encounters probably also have a purpose in a persons life.

      And sigh, MBB I can’t get rid of him. However hard I try. I worry and its just not in me to turn my back on him. Sorry 😦 I hope one day I can walk away.


  4. Time heals all.. Maybe not all, but the pain will lessen, it’s true.. Hang in there

    I get what you are talking about with the male attention.. Same here! Just be careful out there and don’t let people take advantage of you!

    I think maybe you should take a break from dating.. I think now you want to date for the wrong reason (To get over MBB), which is fine but that also mean you have a Certain expectation.. I dunno..

    Just hang in there okay! Things will get better eventually 🙂

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    • Yeah….Mayb I shouldn’t b dating right now. I go on holiday for a few weeks soon. Mayb that’s what I need. But basically I see dating as a numbers game….u got weed out the bad ones before u find your Prince. Thank u for your support 🙂


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