The Mumma of All Updates … Part 1

Yup...Sums up MBB perfectly !
Yup…Sums up MBB perfectly !

OK, so I’ve been quiet for a while now. Life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride over the last few months. So lets break it down.


i don’t quite remember where I stopped in the story. But things have just gone from bad to worse. Seems he is pretty serious with the Divorcee now. He took her home to meet the folks. i cut off all contact with them now. I know that they are good people but its too painful having any contact with anyone linked to him.

He himself blows hot and cold. I was kidding myself saying that he was still a good person deep down who just became a bit misguided. Now, I see things differently. He pitched up at my house a few months ago, saying he missed me and still loved me. He had in me in tears again. Then he pulled a classic line saying he had to ‘learn to love someone else’ and arguing that it was possible to love more than one person. SPINELESS.

The above incident sent me running into the arms of someone who seemed like a nice guy (but I treated him pretty badly because I wasn’t/am not ready for anything real). Luckily, the universe conspired to remove him from my life, which was good for him (and me).  He was on the verge of becoming a stalker so that gave me a reality check and I stopped dating for a bit and decided I needed to adopt a different approach when it came to guys.

Then more recently, he blamed me because the Divorcee found messages

I’ll fill you in on more tomorrow (maybe) …

LOVE Always,

Cinders x x x


5 thoughts on “The Mumma of All Updates … Part 1

  1. Wow you have been the ringer. MBB has been exposed. You have your closure finally. JSWIPE turned out to be what I warned you about…creepy. Again the universe has given you closure on both now you can move forward and embrace what lies ahead for you. Some one who will appreciate you totally.


  2. Oh dear… I hope this is closure for you when it comes to MBB! Don’t ever let him in to your house, your heart! You like/love him for who he used to be, for the memories, but he’s clearly not what you want him to be.. Let go now!

    Guys… I don’t know where to start.. Be careful! Some are bad, some are good.. Take it slow to find out who they Are.. Also, you don’t have to back into the dating game.. Find peace for yourself first, the right guy will follow eventually 🙂

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