The Rebound Phase

rinse before use


‘The best way to get over one man is to get under another’Jane the Virgin

Oh, how I wish it was that easy. The immediate period following a break-up can be a rather tumultuous time in a person’s life. You’ve just gone from domestic bliss and planning for happily ever after with the person you thought was your one and only, to living a sad, lonely existence with just your cat for company (jokes, it’s not possible to become a sad spinster that fast). From my experience and observations, the way in which a person rebuilds their life after the breakdown of a long-term relationship varies but here are some of the common things that happen in the rebound phase:

A New Look

I can’t say I understand the reasoning behind it but it seems after a relationship has come to an end, us chicks especially feel the need…

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2 thoughts on “The Rebound Phase

  1. The new look is also symbolic.. A beginning of a new chapter! Not sure if I ever actually changed my look after all the break ups but definitely felt the need to do so.


    • Heya. Lovely to hear from you. I reposted this because I think it summed up a lot of what I’ve been doing since the break up with MBB.


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