Love Sick

I’ve been through this many times…different each time but always painful !

Rinse Before Use


People take sick leave from work for various reasons. Depending on a person’s pain tolerance (obviously, us ladies can handle much more) one may take time off for medical reasons ranging from giving birth to an epic hangover, work-related allergies or a severe case of the man flu (aww poor baby). But how about a situation when a person called and said they were suffering from a broken heart? I doubt many bosses would accept this as a legitimate medical condition. Nope not even here in laid-back South Africa, where most people switched their brains off in preparation for Christmas on December 1st.

Sadly, unless you live in Japan (where I am told ‘heartbreak’ leave is an actual thing where people can take a time off after a bad break- up to cry it all out and return to work when one is less of a mess) calling…

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4 thoughts on “Love Sick

  1. “Broken Heart” leave is legitimate for that initial recovery phase, especially if said breakup happens during the work week. A single day off should provide enough respite to get life going again, but in those rare cases of “left at the alter” type trauma’s…a vacation may be in order?

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    • Yup I agree. I always feel a few days away from normal life can be helpful. My ex got married last weekend. I wanted to avoid all the commotion on social media. So I got away for the weekend. It was incredibly therapeutic. But Monday morning was still tough. But I was stronger

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