High School Politics – The Late 20s and 30s Edition

If you were expecting a post on the boring MR BIG BLUE situation. Guess again. Today, Cinders is going to tell you about some other matters that have totally been distracting her from the whole MR BIG BLUE situation. And although its all absolutely stupid I think its good for me, especially with Valentines Day fast approaching. So…remember Crazy Cat Lady and Tatyana (who got a very brief mention in this post)? Well, they’ve been fighting like cats and dogs (no pun intended)! Over what I hear you ask? Who the hell knows ! Its like we’ve time traveled back to our high school days. The worst thing is I am the mutual friend trying to deal with the situation diplomatically. Totally stuck in the middle.

Lets start by giving you some information of the warring parties. Well, Crazy Cat Lady really needs know introduction. You all heard about her in the last post and I think many people agreed that she was a little depressed. One of the things I was doing to try and help her move forward in her life is to introduce her to new people (not necessary date worthy men) but just friends. I thought that being around people more (and cats less) would help her see that the world is not such a horrible place. One of the many people I introduced her to was a good drinking buddy of mine, namely Tatyana. Now Tatyana (from Eastern Europe obviously) is a fun time party girl, shes loud and proud (which can come across as obnoxious sometimes) but she serves the purpose of lifting a person’s spirit and making the laugh. Sound like a match made in heaven or recipe for disaster? You tell me my cherubs 😉

Cat Fight !! - Crazy Cat Lady vs. Tatyana
Cat Fight !! – Crazy Cat Lady vs. Tatyana

Anyway lets now fast forward a bit to the incident itself .It all kicks of on Friday night (but I think the build ups been going on for months). We were all due to meet for after work drinks. I told them I was going to be a little late as I would go to a yoga class (no not with the Yogic Banker 😉 ). When I arrived at the pub, you could cut the tension with a knife. These along with Dr.Sparkle were ready to kill each other. The atmosphere was bad. Then the girls started bickering about silly things. Like the fact that Tatyana hadn’t invited Crazy Cat Lady to a house party (CCL doesn’t really like drinking alcohol and always wants to rush back to her kitties) and that Crazy Cat Lady kept zoning out of the conversation and when she was asked why she said you people are boring (to which Tatyana asked why she choose to hang out with boring people). Anyways, the argument ended with CCL storming off home to her cats. We were left a bit stunned by her behaviour but Tatyana, Dr Sparkle and I decided to carry on the evening as a threesome and we ended up joining some others for a house party. All in all a pretty decent night out with a few Facebook anecdotes to match.

The morning after the night before…I decided that some time had passed so I would contact CCL to find out if she was OK and what had happened. She said she was very disappointed in me and that she felt that I had chosen Tatyana over her. She said that all I wanted to do these days was party and drink and that she felt there was no place for a sober minded friend like her. I said that was not the case, I told her I cared about her and that I didn’t understand why she had let the tension get to such a point. She said Tatyana had no life experience and it irritated her how care-free this girl was (just bear in mind Tatyana is 10 years younger than CCL). I told her if she hadn’t liked Tatyana then she could have created distance between them so she wouldn’t have to put herself in such positions.

According to CCL’s theory, Tatyana was jealous of the friendship CCL and I had shared and wanted to sabotage it. She said that Tatyana had purposefully used the time that I was at the yoga class to attack her and make her feel isolated. She said Tatyana and I were always posting pictures of us having fun on Facebook and that was making her feel bad. (High School issues I told you). Basically, Tatyana (and Dr. Sparkle) were stealing away from her. I tried to see thinks from her point of view. Maybe I had actually been spending too much time with Tatyana (especially since MR BIG BLUE had left). Maybe Tatyana had been a good distraction for me – someone to take my mind of MR BIG BLUE and the fact that I still miss him. Maybe I had focused a new, fun friendship at the expense of my good all buddy CCL. 😦

mean girls
Mean Girls – Will we ever out grow High School Politics?

So folks, I’ve given you the bare bones of the story so please feel free to ask questions and make comments in the space below….Do you think its crazy that grown women in the late 20s and 30s can fight over such trivial issues? Do you think its wrong that I’ve started going out with Tatyana since MR BIG BLUE jetted off? Do you think I am using this light-hearted friendship as a way of running away from my issues? Is it OK to have some fun-time friends that are only there for the parties and the fun times? Do you think I was too forceful in trying to help Crazy Cat Lady get out and about? And finally do you have any similar experiences to share and will the high school politics ever end?

Till the next episode of my drama-filled life my darlings

LOVE from Cinders x o x o