About Cinders

I’m a girl who was brought up on fairy tales. I will always believe in true love because I am a hopless romantic. I met the love of my life (MR BIG BLUE). We had some problems. We were working through them. Then he decided to leave on a voyage of self-discovery. That shattered my world.

This is a blog about the trials and tribulations of a princess trying to manouver around the battlefield of love and heartbreak. I’ll tell a bit about my past, my side kicks, my enemies, my teachers, MR BIG BLUE, my thoughts on love and whether it really exists. We’ll learn a bit about dating and mating in other cultures and see what we can learn from other civilizations as well. 

Follow this blog and see where 2015 takes me.




25 thoughts on “About Cinders

  1. You write very well. I have read a couple of your posts. Since you asked me for advice, I would suggest you put a little more detail about the backstory of your relationship with Mr. Big Blue here on your About page. You really only have a short window of time to catch your audience, and if a potential follower has to go all the way to the beginning to figure out what is going on, you are likely to lose them.

    I would catch people up periodically by adding the latest twists and turns to this page. That’s just one person’s opinion. Otherwise, I like your writing very much. Good job!!

    ~ Bird


    • Hey you 🙂 I’m ok thanks….still working my way through things, learning a lot…letting go of MBB…dealing with rejection from other guys and learning that life goes on. I’m getting stronger and I’m not giving up on LOVE !

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      • Hey.. good to hear from you. I thought you dropped off the grid for awhile. Time to share what you learned. There maybe someone out here in the same spot that could use your insights…rejection from other guys …what’s going on with that ? The torch still burns for MBB? Really ???


      • No no torch for MBB. I’ve seen him for who he is now…but it’s still about me taking the time I need to get over him.

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      • I need to get back to writing. Last weekend MBB got married. The finally nail in the coffin ?? I certainly hope so!


      • I dunno.I am not feeling so great about writing because I’ve left it so long. MBB even went and got married. So much to say and I don’t know where to start. I keep attracting the wrong guys, but at least they make me smile temporarily.

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      • Because you have so much to say that’s even more of the reason to write. It is part of the self therapy that will help you to get going on your life if you keep attracting the wrong guys then it’s ti.e to rethink your expectations and start rejecting the wrong guys because it will only breed more heartache for you.

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      • Yup totally get what your saying. I’m moving forward…it’s only been just over a year since MBB. That relationship lasted over 5 years…I won’t get over it that quickly.

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      • Hey Cinder big hello long time no hear…welcome back…don’t hold yourself by saying you won’t get over that quickly. You and I know it was a one way relationship don’t give it any more life by mourning over it any longer. It is done no need to beat yourself up anymore. Remember you wanted answers about the relationship…you got the answers…he showed you who he is…he is what you now know that isn’t what you want to attract.

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      • You are very right ! I’m not mourning him. Good riddens 😛 I hold know grudge. I’m focusing on me right now – sure I’ll date but its not the be all and end all. I’m sure Prince Charming will come along when I’m not looking for him.


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