The Wonderful Dr Sparkle

MR BIG BLUE is back but I haven’t seen him yet. I don’t want to see him again but it’s inevitable. I need to distract myself.  So far I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate and joined tinder but my favourite distraction through this whole saga has been….Dr Sparkle…aka New Crush Guy (NCG) to some of you. The more observant amongst you may remember Dr Sparkle making minor features during the Epic Dating Fail and also on Valentine’s Weekend. But I haven’t exactly gone into much detail about him as yet.

Dr Sparkle….where do I start? Well he is just lovely. Intelligent (and I mean super clever). Sweet. Modest. Funny (really really funny). Easy to talk to. Down to earth. Kind of religious (eeek ! But not any kind of fanatic like MR BIG BLUE). In fact, he is the opposite of MR BIG BLUE is almost every way. I feel happy when I am around him and I get giggly when I even thinking about our conversations. People think it’s odd that we spend so much time together (I think it is part of the reason Crazy Cat Lady blew up) but it’s really been such a long time since I felt comfortable like this around a guy.

Dr Sparkle - An Old Fashioned Romantic :)
Dr Sparkle – An Old Fashioned Romantic 🙂

But does he like me? Now that’s the million dollar question. He always seems willing to spend time with me alone. I’ve noticed he is quite awkward around some women but not really with me (but maybe that’s because we are just friends). But then again he always tells me about the types of girls he fancies (ok, so I admit I’ve told him about the types of guys I like too)…but is this appropriate behaviour if you actually like someone? It’s really odd and hard to explain.

One quite interesting thing to note is that Dr Sparkle is aware of some of the details of the MR BIG BLUE situation and he has been encouraging me to end things properly. Part of me thinks that this is just what any good friend would say (well, it’s the same thing all of you have been saying from the start) but there is also another little part of me that thinks…well, maybe he is telling me to end it so he can legitimately make a move because he really is a gentleman. Also, he also recently came out of a messy break up so that too could be an issue…maybe he needs something a little more light-hearted first.

Crazy Cat Lady’s take on it was that we both liked each other (but I think she could have been being sarcastic because she actually liked him herself). She said I needed to act fast because it was impossible for a guy and girl to be just friends and if I left it too long I would end up getting hurt. I don’t know how much I believe her though. Part of me is too scared to act on my feelings for Dr Sparkle because I feel that it could potentially ruin our friendship which is something I really value.

Hmmm…So there you have it folks. Cinders has a little bitty crush. So do tell me what you think…Do you think there is a chance for Dr Sparkle and I? Do you think we are better off waiting considering both of us just came out of pretty messy relationships? Have you ever tried to take a friendship to the next level? Did it work out well? And is it really impossible for guys and girls to ever be just friends?

As always I look forward to your thoughts and insights.

Love Cinders x o x o


15 thoughts on “The Wonderful Dr Sparkle

  1. its not impossible to be friends, but in your case it is going to be hard if he doesn’t share your feelings. My opinion the direct approach is the best approach. Dr Sparkle I feel … then see what happens next .

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    • Why do say in MY case?? Do I really come across that neurotic. I think before I can even broach the subject with Dr Sparkle I think I need to truly let go of MR BIG BLUE. Dr Sparkle has been clear that I need to do that for my own good. Lets wait and see I’m enjoying the fact that he is here in my life right now.


  2. Yes, friendship can lead to romance. I am living proof 🙂 It would be best to see how he really feels before you invest too much more in the “what if”.


    • Yay ! I am glad there is a possibility.

      Well, its still pretty soon for both of us, so I am not going to push things just yet. Dr Sparkle has been very clear that I need to end things with MBB asap…but that shouldn’t be taken to imply anything more. Lets watch this space. I will report back soon.

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  3. I had a relationship with a friend but I didn’t go through because I was feeling it… It’s hard to explain.. Now we don’t speak to each other anymore and mutual friends somehow picked his side… I guess I didn’t handle it well.. But it doesnt matter.. Took the chance and found out it wasn’t gonna work. 🙂

    Do you guys flirt? Is there a physical attraction as well?


    • Hmmm…Glad you have no regrets. At least you know you put it out there and now you know the outcome. Love is always worth a chance in my opinion.

      I think we flirt. Well I know I definitely do. i think he does too but its hard to tell because it could just be friendly banter from his side. Physical attraction…yes to some extent, he is not my usual type but I love what he represents. Lets say for me I find him attractive but it goes beyond that. I am more attracted to his personality and the way he makes me feel than anything else. For him, again I know I am not his usual type but I think he definitely has fun with me.


  4. I say in your case because everyone doesn’t have the same experience. You say you think you flirt. Be more sure. Yes we flirt. Yes there is an attraction. To what extent I’m not sure…but yes there is an attraction. How do you plan on dealing with MBB?


    • I am seeing him in a few hours. I have mixed feelings on how I will deal with him. Driving to work today (in his car)…i was a complete wreck. Just kept bursting into tears when I thought about all our memories. Just last week I though I’d progressed from all this nostalgia nonsense but it seems we are back to square one again and even though he has been away for 5 weeks, I feel like nothings really changed. He is still hiding things it seems from me, from his folks, from the Hare Krishnas…all I want is for him to tell the truth so he can be free. Honestly right now I don’t have a plan … I will tell you how it goes.


  5. […] Dr Sparkle being the clever guy that he is (almost academically on par with JSWIPE) put two and two together and asked his date if her date was JSWIPE. And…. It was!!! What the hell??? What are the chances that Dr Sparkle (a guy I’ve been crushing on) and I go on separate dates with new people who happen to have previously dated each other. I was a little ewww’d out to be honest and a little bit upset that Dr Sparkle hadn’t told us about his date on the pre-brief! […]

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